Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mini Me

40" by 50" baby quilt top.

26" x 30" from leftover blocks.  I've been using the Essential Pro from Connecting threads for piecing and have had seams coming apart for the first time ever.   I had one come apart today and figured out that for piecing it's not good as I believe that when it is pressed with a hot iron, the polyester essential pro must melt.  I had a whole, about 4 inch seam come apart in my hand today and it was one where I had really put the heat to it.  Oh well, so much for saving money, it's back to Aurifil for piecing.  Hopefully, the quilts that I've made won't be coming apart.  I already have had to mend 1 top, and I noticed a day or two ago a seam about 1" long on one of my table toppers that had come apart.  You live and you learn, but hopefully not at the expense of quilts that I've made for others.

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