Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Stacked Blox Baby Quilt Coming Along

It's coming along, not super babyish, but even with the blue still girlie.  The borders have lots of pink, so the girlie factor will increase.   In the original, the blue frames were green, and the bottom stacked block was purple flowers, so again, the same but different.  I think I'm going to use the 2 fabrics we didn't use and either add little 9 patches with them in the corners, or maybe pinwheels.  The whole pattern seems to be based on squares and rectangles, so probably little 9 patches.

In case anyone has doubts about the baby quilt issue, the bottom block explains.  I found that fabric on sale at a quilt shop, and it was perfect for this.  It had the purple and pink, which I feel lets me add the big splash of pink, and the baby is very appropriate.  I have another girl baby quilt to make for my grandson and his wife's baby, and I'm sure it'll make it into that one, too. 

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Amanda said...

I think that's a great choice for a baby quilt, the building blocks will make it clear to the parents what it's meant for, yet it won't be something the baby grows out of too soon or feels is too babyish.