Sunday, May 19, 2013

Craftsy BOM 2013 April and May

Not perfect, but it's done and it's huge.  4 fan blocks and together they make one 18 1/2 inch block.  I told you it was huge.  This was Aprils.

May's block is Strippy Spools and we make 8, but only use 7 in the quilt.   Less challenging than Aprils, thank goodness. 

My Mock up is getting more filled in, which is logical.   Still a ways to go though.  Again, logical.   My brother in law's friend says older people are staters of the obvious, I guess I need to watch it.  Only a third of the month left and to catch up I still need to do May's Civil War block, and April and May's Craftsy  BOM 2012 and also April and May's Sugar Block Club.  I'm hoping to finish, but the baby my brother and I have been waiting for arrived yesterday, so now I need to do the label, baste it and quilt it.    The baby quilt goes to the top of the list, oh well, eventually I'll get to the other two projects I want to start.  I may just start the Fat Quarter Shop Deck-ade the Halls and hold off on the Barn quiltalong.  I'm starting to feel stressed and bogged down and that takes away from the fun of it all.   

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