Thursday, August 9, 2012

New - Not So New - Toy

My husband got this Iphone several months ago but never bonded with it.  He has gone back to his old phone and I've changed from my Blackberry over to his 'old' iphone.  I think that I'm really going to like it.

I did splurge on one of these covers.  It is pretty and I feel so techy.  I may be a grandma, but I've always liked gadgets. 


Nathaniel & Marcy said...

I love that you have it so we can talk!! :)

Amanda said...

You lucky thing, I'm still using my ten year old 'brick', but plan to get an iPhone very soon, especially since I've got an iPad and a Mac laptop. Love the cover too.

Amy said...

Way to go girl! I'm thinking I need an upgrade too, so keep us posted with how you like it. :)