Friday, November 23, 2012

Started on Step 1 "Easy Street"

My twosies are ready, if I figured right this is enough with a few extras, if I figured wrong it'll be back to cutting and sewing strips.  I just realized when I was trying to label this that I previously had done a post on it, but I had it as "Easy Money" instead of "Easy Street".  I think I've been watching too many crime shows on TV.


Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Wow you are fast Candace, I started mine today too. Have some foursies made and a lot more twosies to make.

Amy said...

I'm not home yet (will be there tomorrow afternoon). I haven't even taken a chance to look at the directions for step 1; way to plow ahead full speed :)

Caryl @ cinnamon holiday workshop said...

You are fast....I haven't decided yet if I am going to do this tempted!