Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wedding and Strings for RRCB

My husband wasn't well enough to attend the wedding of my Grandson and his new wife, but this was on facebook within minutes.   From all reports, it was a beautiful wedding and everyone had a good time.   They are on their honeymoon now.   We were there in spirit.

This is my newest, now official, grandson.   He is looking snazzy in his tux, and was a big part of the wedding.   They did a dance number and he had been around while rehearsals were taking place, so he was a big part of the show.   My daughter said he was running on adrenalin. 

Since we couldn't be at the wedding, I decided to work on my second Roll Roll Cotton Boll.   Here is my first one.   I am making a lap sized, so need 30 string blocks.  I had 12 made, so decided to bite the bullet and assembly line sew the other 18, surprisingly, it made it easier not harder.  I was able to find the longer pieces for the middles, instead of using my wallpaper tool as a substitute iron, it was easy to just actually iron 18 at a time between each row.  I don't hate string blocks as badly now, lol.   Next step was to see what I was missing and fill in the blanks.  I have a lot left from the first RRCB, as I started out with the intention of making the full sized quilt, but big problem, I can only find steps 1-3.   I checked back on my back up hard drive to see if I had saved it, I looked everywhere I can think of.  I checked my first 3 Bonnie Hunter books, but it is in the fourth, the one that I wasn't going to buy because I don't like doing strings.  I could possibly figure it out myself by looking at my first one, but right now with my husband's health problems, my brain isn't up to that much thinking.   I do need to make 300 of the tiny half string triangles.  On the first one I made I used leftover bonus triangles  from my Iowa (Carolina) Christmas, but on this one I want light blue and dark blue triangles.  That should keep me busy until pay day when I can order the book.   If not, I have my new grandbaby, Maddox's baby quilt to do, plus baste and quilt my Craftsy BOM.  My goal was to get these 3 (Craftsy BOM, Maddox's baby quilt and RRCB)  done by the time Bonnie's new mystery starts, but I don't know if I'll make it now.   Oh well, goals are just goals, and quilting is for fun, so if I don't make it, it's just an "oh well" as I already stated.  
By the way, the dark gray circle that the strings are sitting on isn't a shadow, it's the rotating cutting board that I made from an Ikea turntable, glue and an old cutting mat, it sure comes in handy at times.   It came in handy for trimming my string blocks to 8 1/2", and a plastic chopstick that I asked if I could have when I ate at P F Changs, came in handy for removing the papers.  I love gadgets, especially when they make jobs easier and don't cost much or take up much room.
PS   I got 110 of my mini HST's done today.  Only a couple hundred more to go.  

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Amanda said...

How nice that you were able to see photographs of the wedding so quickly. You seem to have some of your brothers' genes, making the rotating cutting mat yourself. I've just treated myself to one, though I haven't used it yet. Chain sewing certainly does make some things easier doesn't it.