Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Roll Roll Cotton Boll Progress

I have my string blocks, most of my border (the parts in the box with the string blocks) and I have my other blocks almost ready to assemble.  I have my 350 tiny HST's in the pink box, and as soon as I sew 60 rows of 5 from them, I'll be on to assembly of the blocks in the picture.   I'm getting there, and will be ready when I have gotten my book (see previous post about how I lost the last steps).   It's about time since it was the mystery before Carolina Christmas and Orca Bay.  I did finish them, and I finished RRCB No. 1, but this one has been lanquishing in a box. 


Quilter Kathy said...

Yah...I guess I should get that RRCB box out and get to work on finishing that mystery! LOL

Amanda said...

It looks as if you're making good progress. Have you finished quilting the Craftsy BOM quilt yet? I don't seem to have done much sewing recently, though I did make a start on my son's Christmas quilt yesterday.