Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thread Review

I'm about 1/4 finished quilting my Roll Roll Sunshine Rivers (RRCB) and I'm liking it so far.  I love Aurifil thread for it's thinness (I hate when the bobbin runs out), but the price is something that I don't love so much.  I thought I'd try some of the Essential Pro from Connecting threads, it is very thin and a fraction of the cost.  I don't have a longarm, I have a Juki, which many people use on a frame, so I thought it was worth a try.   I resisted, mostly because I have bought into the 'everything cotton' camp, but I got to thinking that I used to use whatever, and I haven't noticed any undue deteriorations.  Sooo, this is my first try and no problems so far (knock on wood), and a bonus, less lint.  The essential pro is 3315 yards for $5.99, and the cheapest that I've found Aurifil is 1422 yards for about $8.28.   I think Connecting Threads has a new believer.   Also, I love the King Tut for the top thread, again very expensive.  I tried the Coats and Clark machine quilting cotton thread from Joanns with a coupon, very much cheaper, and I also haven't found any problems with it.   Quilting is a fairly expensive hobby (obsession) and I think that this is one way to make it a little more affordable.  For me anyway. 
Don't you think the shiny blue border looks like sunshine on water. 
PS  It just occurred to me, I wonder how it would be in the bobbin for piecing.   I don't have any illusions that my quilts have to last for generations.  I make pretty simple quilts for the most part and not with exquisite quilting, etc., just nice not masterpieces.  If the bobbin thread took a year or two off their life, I don't have a problem with that.   If in future generations a museum is opened for quilts with 'mediocre meandering', I'm sure there will still be one or two they can use, lol.   


Scrapatches said...

I love Aurafil thread, too. My favorite for piecing is their off-white 50/2ply. It can be pricy. A spool does last for a 2-3 month for me, so I usually stock up when I see a deal.

King Tut is my favorite topstitching thread. When I rent the long arm at my LQS I have to use King Tut and I use their thread. I only buy this once or twice a year for home use.

I piece and quilt on my Janome 6600p at home.

Awhile back I bought a few spools of Connecting Threads to try them out and they had just been sitting there. Recently I needed a light gray for a special project and the Connecting Thread one was the best color for the job so I tried it and then I left it in for piecing a different project and I really liked it. I used it in the bobbin, too.

Connecting THreads may have a new believer, here, too ... :) Pat

Vic in NH said...

Well, here is yet another convert from pricey Aurafil to just as nice Connecting Threads. I love their "Cornsilk" color for piecing. Thanks for your review.

Anonymous said...

Good to know about the Connecting Threads brand. Been considering but never made the leap. I will now. Some might fall over with this next comment but as a longarmer I have found that the Joanns serger thread works great too. A lot less lint and fewer breaks.
Gina -