Friday, April 25, 2008

Crazy Big Block

One more picture of our family gathering. My brother sent me this one which has all my mother's children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren except for 1 out of state and my husband and I who left early due to his illness.
Either tomorrow or Sunday, I plan to do the Crazy Big Block workshop on Cyberquilters 4 C-Bees, and these are the fabrics I chose. It starts with 9 fat quarters, and I had bought a pack of thirty something to use for the OC, but since these were mostly mediums, and I need the darks and lights for the OC, I decided to use them. I think I may try to applique a heart or two on it, too, and so I may rob 1 more fat quarter. I have a lot more actual scraps than I thought though, so I will still have plenty for the OC. We may go to see our son and his family this week-end, so which day I work on my quilt will depend on that. The actual workshop is tomorrow.

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