Saturday, April 5, 2008

New Year's Eve Sudoku

Not a mystery, but still comeraderie and sociabiltiy involved, was the Sudoku quilt on Stashbusters. Stephanie Driel, came up with the idea to get a group together for the Sudoku, and I liked mine enough so that I use it on my bed. I have a queen sized bed, and it is a little big for my sudoku, but my DH and I like it there just the same. I got to use my new embroidery machine on this one too, as I did an embroidered Sudoku in each corner of the quilt. I'm posting 2 pictures of this one, one on the bed. I call it Sumo Sudoku, as it got a little bloated compared to the original.


sewbeezy said...

I love how your Sudoku turned out. The colors are simply lovely!! And the embroidery in the corners....what a wonderful touch!

Candace said...

Thank you. It was fun to make, and even though it is my squares and rectangles, it does look a little more planned than usual. I will broaden my horizons.

Treasa said...

All of your quilts are beautiful. I like this one the best. I am new to blogging also. Just haven't updated mine due to life getting in the way. Haven't had much time for sewing either. I will definately be back to check on your quilts.