Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Crazy Big Block III

Here is my Crazy Big Block quilt with the sashing. I still intend to do a small border of the cream color, and a large border of the not quite right roses, and at the two long ends another strip of about 3 inches wide, possibly of bricks. For me this is going along pretty fast, and I hope to finish the top today or tomorrow. It should end up about 58 x 76. Landsend had some oxford shirting sheets on sale, so I ordered a twin sized pink striped sheet to use for the backing. I figured if people buy the shirts at thift stores, why not for a backing. Well, back to life, we have errands to do and then hopefully my husband will be up to helping me with a little yard work. Have a nice day.


Amy said...

Candace dear
First of all, THANK YOU for your kind, "left-at-the-right-time" comments you left on my blog!!! Yesterday was rough---but today was smooth!

Secondly, I haven't dabbled in any crazy blocks, and I must say then when I looked at your blocks "alone," I wasn't a huge fan. BUT....THEN!!!!! WOW!!!! They look so cool all together! Your quilt is looking so neat! I can't wait to see it completed :0)


Deb Robertson Writes said...

Candice that looks amazing now that you have sewn it together. Well done. Hugs deb :)

Storybook Woods said...

Oh my goodness, what an amazing quilt. Love it.
Clarice-PS. thank you for the complement of my pictures