Friday, April 4, 2008

New to Blogging

I have been resisting blogging. I have enjoyed all the blogs that I have visited and am not sure that I am up to snuff, but have decided to give it a try. I am neither a prolific writer or quilter (crafter), but I enjoy the process and I guess that there is no time limit to come up with something wise or helpful to others (or just to rattle on).
I retired from a large companies business office back in March of 2006, and in September of 2006 my mother, who had been ill for about a year or so with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) agreed to come and live with us. She lived in Iowa, which she loved, and we live in Florida, which she doesn't love so much, and it was hard for her, but became necessary as it was harder and harder for her to live by herself. She has grown progressively weaker, and now my brother, who retired this year, is staying here indeffinitely to help. My mother loves having him here, and my life has become easier, as my husband was willing to help, but her modesty prevented it. Now, I will have more time to quilt and to blog.
I have been married to DH since June of 1964, which is probably before much of the population was born. We have only 2 children, but they both believe in big families and so my daughter has 6 children and my son has 5 from his first marriage, and 2 stepchildren and a now 2 year old from his second marriage. My blog won't be a specialized just for quilting blog, but will be about quilting and family and a little bit of whatever comes to mind.
If I get the nerve to actually tell anyone that I have a blog, thank you for coming to visit and putting up with my learning curve.
This could be fun.

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