Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just Wondering

When I first started my blog I asked my husband to come and read it, but he was in the middle of something. Later, he was going to go to read it, but I could see that he didn't really want to, so I told him that was ok, he didn't have to read it. He didn't, and hasn't mentioned it since. I haven't told anyone else in the family that I even have one, as I know that they probably would only read it from duty or loyalty, as they haven't got any interest in quilting. I was just wondering if most people share their blogs with family, or if it is pretty much just for themselves. I must have an idle mind, I guess I need to get to work.


Renee said...


I told my daughter I starteed one and I gave her the link. Did she read it? I doubt it. I haven't told anyone else as I tend to rant sometimes and I really don't want family to read it. I consider my quilting internet "friends" my family and my blog is for you guys to read because you guys are the only ones to understand what I'm talking about. Like today. I bought a Bernina with BSR. Only you guys would understand why I am doing the happy dance, lol. Renée

scraphappy said...

My mom checks my blog. I'll get a call and she'll compliment me on a new quilt or ask about some event I've discussed. I have to be careful not to go off on any rants, because a few of my "non-quilty" friends have discovered that I have a blog and check up it from time to time.

Happy Blogging


Donna said...

Thanks so much for the kind words you left on my blog. I am sorry to read here about the passing of your mother. So far my husband and my mom are the only family who know about my blog. I'm sure my kids will think it's lame(their word, not mine). I'm sure I will tell them as well as brother and sisters-in-law but not sure any will be interested. Oh, well...I really did it for my enjoyment to share my quilts with people who can appreciate all the work and joy that comes from quilting.


Candace said...

Renee, Congratulations, I have an older Bernina, and I love it.
Scraphappy and Donna, Thank you for your comments, you too, Renee. Sounds like mostly the blogs are for us and those with similar interests. It would be nice sometimes to share with family, but not when they don't have the interest. My son had a blog and sent me a photo from it. He was surprised when I got into it, and soon he changed to a different one, which I didn't know the info for. It was all techie stuff mostly, but I guess he wanted privacy. I didn't know that since it was there for all to see.

Susan said...

I was so thrilled that I could actually figure out how to set up a blog that I told everyone. My family lives over 800 miles away so I sent emails to all oe them and suggested they check the blog to see just what was going on for us. I really expected this to be a tool we could use to stay in touch. Silly me.

When I came down with flu and did not blog for days I found out who was really reading the blog.

My sister called to see is all was well because I had not posted in some time.

Friends from all over emailed to see what was wrong.

Now I know that if I do not blog regularly I will hear from a select few.

As to my husband..... He never looks.............

Wendy said...

I was wondering the same thing about my blog. My husband knows about my blog, but I don't think he reads it often. I haven't told the rest of my family...not sure why. Seems like my own little rest of the world...maybe I will eventually. not sure. By the way, I am tagging you to post 7 random or weird things about yourself. Go to my blog for instructions at www.therunningquilter.blogspot.com

Linda C. said...

My husband has heard so much negative talk on television and radio about MySpace, etc., that if I told him I had a blog, he would absolutely go bananas! I'm sure he thinks that when I comment about the picture of someone's quilt, or something similar, he thinks it was e-mailed to me. He's very anti-computer, and doesn't even know how to turn it on, so I just let sleeping dogs lie!

Amy said...

I have a website, which my family is aware of, which has a link to my blog. However, I see a difference between what is on my site and what is on my blog.

My site includes a lot of family pictures, mostly of my three girls, so that Grandma/Grandpa and Siblings can watch them grow since I live 3-5 hours away from everyone (and with gas $$ the way it is, I haven't made trips very often.)

But, with my blog----the way I see it---if someone/anyone reads my blog, that's great. But really it's for me; it's what "blog" stands for-----"Web Log". My blog has become my new quilting journal. It's easy, convenient, and so much more organized than any hand-recording method I had been using.


Kucki68 said...

My parents and MyGuy know of my blog, but I do not think they check it, really.

muralimanohar said...

I tried to avoid telling anyone I knew, family included, but I needed to show my SIL something that happened to be connected to it, and then my big mouth slipped up and mentioned it's existence to my mom, and that was the end of that. I really wish it was still anonymous, since it's not very comfortable knowing my mom, inlaws, and not super close, but nosy, friends, are peering over my shoulder...I can't just go on about everything I want, it has to be filtered for content. Blah.

DH, he found out about it early on, but the only time he ever looks at it is from across the room to tell me what I am doing wrong with this or that image, lol.