Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Crazy Big Block IV and Digital Cameras

Finally, the last entry on my Crazy Big Block quilt until it comes back from being quilted. I messed up my measurements, and thought I didn't have enough room on the oxford cloth sheet I got for a backing to add my extra border, but had looked at the wrong measurement. So, it only ended up 60 x 72. I am thinking of giving it to a cousin who just lost her husband, but since I don't live near her and haven't spent much time with her since I was in fifth grade and we shared a room for about half a school year (my father was USN and on a Med cruise so we stayed with her family for a few months) I need to do a little research through my niece to see if she is the type of person who would like a quilt. The good thing is she is short like me, so 72" long would probably be enough.
I was thinking the other day about how great digital cameras are. It is so nice to just grab the camera upload the photo and add to to a forum or a blog or email it to family and friends. Are we spoiled or what? No more buying film and waiting to take all the pictures, then waiting to get them developed, and the expense. One roll of 24 was probably about 11 or 12 dollars, so with what you save with the digital camera it really does pay for itself in a relatively short time. Just my old mind marveling about the new-fangled.


Susan said...

That turned out well. Isn't a finish nice.

Val said...

How thoughtful of you to think of giving this away. I could not imagine making a quilt and giving it away. I guess when if I ever finish my first one I might get to that point one day.

Amanda said...

'That' fabric worked out well in the end didn't it? I agree about digital cameras - I just keep clicking away now until I get something I'm happy with, and nothing wasted.

Donna said...

Hi Candace,

Thanks for the comments on my blog. I really like your Crazy Quilt. Who wouldn't love it. I am sure your cousin would really appreciate it.

Mary Johnson said...

Yes, we're definitely spoiled although I was a little put out yesterday when I had to go down two floors to get my camera to take a photo of my postcard.

The quilt looks great - I want to make a similar one only the pattern I have uses thin black strips so it has a stained glass effect.