Friday, April 11, 2008

My Mother Passed

My mother was under hospice care at home 24 hours a day from Sunday until last evening at 6:55 PM, and then she passed peacefully away. It is a sad time, but we all know that it is a release for her, and at least she is not suffering anymore. Her disease was a cruel one where had she lived she would have just continued to get weaker, until she wouldn't have been able to move any parts of her body, and with her age, she was ready to go. Until the last week or so, she was still able to get back and forth to the bathroom with help, and able to read and do her puzzles, so at least she was spared the worst of it.
Now, there is just some sorting and such to do, and getting back organized, and then hopefully, I will get back to my CC and OC. Right now, I don't feel much like it, but it will come.
In June, we will take her ashes back to Iowa, which she loved, and have a graveside service and then she will be settled and hopefully completely at peace, and we will feel we did our best for her.


Amanda said...

I'm so sorry that you lost your mother - it's a real wrench to lose someone who has always been there for you and to feel so adrift. I'm sure it helps to know that she's no longer suffering. My thoughts are with you.

Candace said...

It is hard, but you are right, to know she is no longer suffering is a great comfort, and she had said many times that she was ready to go. She had a good life.