Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jill's Quilt

Number 4 for the year is finished now.  I had an awful time at first with thread breaking, I was using Aurifil on the orange cone in the bobbin, which is what I almost always do and this time I was using Aurifil on the green cone for the top.  Bad!  It broke and broke, I rethreaded and rethreaded, it broke some more and I changed the needle, broke rethreaded, broke rethreaded, broke changed the bobbin.  That's a synopsis, it was more than that, about every few inches.  Finally I changed the top thread to a cone of King Tut and it was like Buttah (Old SNL skit there).  The quilting is not pretty, but it's done.  I guess my machine just didn't like that particular cone, I'm almost sure that I've used it for FMQ'ing before.  Red Rock Threads says it's the right weight "  40wt Mako Cotton
The traditional choice for quilting is 40 weight cotton thread. 40 weight is also the most popular weight for machine embroidery."  I still love Aurifil, but that cone will be for piecing.

At least I didn't cut the bottom off this label, but it ended up more at the top than the bottom of the quilt, which is not what I like.  I guess that I did it upside down to the fabric.  Oh well, they get them for free, lol. 
I use these 16 patch blocks to death.  These plus the quilt in the previous post for Mackenzie (who is the child in this picture by the way) started out as leader enders. 

It's no longer closet clutter and will probably be given away in the next few days.  My husband asked the lady I made this for what her favorite colors are when we were at church one Sunday.  She was wearing purple and black at the time.  She said purples and blacks and jewel tones.  I think this is in the ballpark.  

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Jan Maree said...

Another gorgeous quilt - love these scrappy quilts! They are so much fun and so interesting