Saturday, May 19, 2012

Strippie Quilts

  I recently got an accuquilt go and a 2 1/2" strip cutter.  I have been looking at you tube and the jelly roll races, so I thought something along those lines would be a good place to start experimenting.  I went to my long quarters and used most of them cutting 32 sets of 3 strips each and then decided that the size they were making wasn't what I wanted so I cut the long long strip into 40" sections and started sewing them as they had been cut.  The first picture I messed up a bit, and the second I think I got all sewed in sequence.  Then I started thinking that they were using 40 strips not 32 and so if I sewed them as they did that maybe the size would be about what I wanted anyway.
 The third one, I sewed their way, with one long long strip sewn together and then together again, etc.  I was right, the size wasn't much different from the first two.  I decided that in a real jelly roll race I am not likely to be even close to a winner, and that long piece with all the unpressed seams made me fumble fingered.  It does make a difference in the look.  Also, theirs have the seams on a slant, but I messed that up twice and decided I'd give that a try next time.   As far as the accuquilt go, I think that I'm going to like it, I can see where there is a learning curve, but I also can see that my strips were more exact and It was quicker, too.
This third one has its first border, or as my daughter calls borders and bindings, trim, and I used the pink to try to unpurple it.  My other three flimsys waiting to be basted and quilted are predominently purple, and I thought that was enough for awhile.  Here I am with 3 more purples.   I need to get busy on my great-granddaughters hers doesn't have any purple.

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