Saturday, May 19, 2012

Logann's Bag

My niece and her family are visiting from Iowa, they have stops in Brunswick, Ga., Jacksonville, Fl., then here and back to Brunswick.   She has five daughters, and they are visiting at least one theme park while they are here in the Orlando area.  I thought, kind of at the last minute, that it might be nice to make tote bags for her and her daughters since I still had quite a bit of the heavy Ikea fabric.  I have worked on them every chance for the past two days in between Dr. appointments and I have decided that this time I'm going to have to be defeated.  I have them all cut out, the pockets all lined, the names embroidered on, and the straps made, but there is still a day of sewing and my house looks like there has been an explosion.  I will have to finish them when they leave and send them. 

This is for one of her three small girls.  The bags all have different lining fabrics and are three different sizes.  I bought the velcro yesterday, got the industrial strength, gummed up two needles trying to sew it on for extra strength and then read the label.  It's not for fabric.  That was what finally defeated me as I still had five more to go and would need to make a trip to the store.   That was about two a.m. last night. 

The little girls are small, I hope this tote bag won't be way big for them.  I put a pen here for scale.  I made the two bags for her teenagers larger, but It's kind of a wild fabric, very ecology minded, and I know that teenagers might hate the fabric and never want to use them.  Maybe at least, they can use them to store things in their closets if that is the case.  The one for my niece is larger yet, as I figured that hers would probably end up with things in it for her, her baby boy, and her husband, but I guess they'll make do on this trip with what they already have.  I had good intentions, just poor time planning. 

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