Saturday, May 19, 2012

Vince and Robert's Quilts Done

It's taken until the end of April, but yesterday I 'finally' had two finishes.  I have 6 quilts to the basting stage and have for awhile, but these quilts for my brother and his son, my nephew took precedence and so I started them the latter part of March.  I've kept my nose to the grindstone (pretty much) and now they are finished. 

This one is my brothers it's from Bonnie Hunter's "Fourth of July" pattern enlarged to the size of about 92" by 102".  I can't wait to deliver it on Tuesday and hopefully see it on his bed. 

This is my brothers quilt back.  The blocks are leftovers from a bunch of unfeminine quilts that I made for many of the men in my life a year or two ago.   He has one of them.

And of course his label.  I should have picked a different color thread, it doesn't show up too well on the navy blue.

And of course, my nephews.  It started out to use up some leftover bonus hst's from his dad's quilt and then took on a life of its own.  I think that even though there are a lot of the same fabrics and the colors are both red, white and blue, that they are still yet very different looking quilts.  I think this one is about 77" by 97".

I hope he likes bears, fish, cabins and eagles.

More of the leftover blocks and some of the inner border fabric from his dads quilt.  The green stripe was not planned, I sewed the brown pieces long wise instead of short wise and came up short. 

His mom's birthday is today, wish that I could have gotten it to him a little earlier, but I'm delivering them Tuesday.  We'll ride up to my brother in Jacksonville's home and then he'll drive to my brother in Brunswick, Ga's to visit and make the delivery.  The color is off on this, the back is a brownish tan and it looks kind of gold here.

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