Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kaylea's Quilt and Sewing Room Redo

My daughter's third quilt.  She doesn't consider herself a quilter, but she doesn't hate it.  (This isn't in my sewing room, it's at her house.)

When I quilted my brother and nephew's quilts I could see why it's recommended to have a wall on your left to support the big quilts.  After church yesterday I came home and did some heavy moving.  This is pretty much the same except the bed is moved closer to my office area, the bookcases are moved and my embroidery machine went to the other side of the bed.

This corner did have the TV in it and my Bernina under the window.  Now my quilting area gets this corner and a wall, and my Bernina has moved under the other window.

The brown cabinet moved down a bit to make room for my embroidery machine and it's cabinet.

My office area is back there.
New home for the TV.  Now it can be watched from the bed, which will be good for company.
My Bernina and cabinet have the side window now and still a good view of the TV from there.

Better view of my embroidery machine beside the kitchen door.

Looking in from the kitchen door.

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