Saturday, May 19, 2012

Beccie's Bag

Last week, DH and I had plans to meet his sister and her husband for lunch on Thursday.  Somehow I got it in my mind that it was 'Friday' and I changed it on the calendar without checking.  Ooops!  Anyway, they showed up and we didn't.  We did change it to Friday at that point and had a nice lunch together at Olive Garden.  I felt bad though and she admired my bag here so I made her a facsimile yesterday.  We will deliver it today, she likes the name brand cloth purses and so hopefully she'll like this one, too.  Mine had fabric from Ikea for the straps and lining, and they didn't have anymore at Ikea.  In fact, they had a very sad array of fabric the last couple of visits.  I hope that they aren't going to stop carrying fabric in our Ikea.
PS   I pressed the straps and they look much better now.

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Jan Maree said...

more gorgeous scraps - love it