Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mackenzie's Big Girl Quilt

It's a little bright but I think she'll like it.  She'll be 3 in December.

The back is fleece so it's very soft.  My thread seemed to break more often and it is rather heavy, so I don't know if I'll do anymore in fleece, there is also a batting of 80-20.  It's definitely too heavy to be a drag around quilt. 

I messed up quite a bit on the label, originally Dora had legs and there were two more rows of words.   The most important ones are there though.
PS  I'm starting to catch up with my goal of at least one finish a month.  This is three and I have another basted and ready to go.  It's for my visiting teacher from church.  That'll get me up to April and then I have the 3 strip quilts ready to baste for my 3 little nieces.  My second paintbox quilt and my Orca Bay ( Sunrise Sunset) will wait for last.  I think that pretty soon I'll be ahead of my goal.  (Then I can start new ones)

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Jan Maree said...

another really gorgeous quilt! Love the label!