Monday, January 14, 2013

First Small Finish for the Year

January pink wrap-up - top left - could use the Rainbow Scrappy Trip Along blocks below for Rainbow Scrappy Bargello instead, top middle - future Rainbow Jelly Roll Race style strippie quilt, top right - 6" heart blocks, bottom left - Rainbow Scrappy Trip Along, bottom middle - Rainbow 16 patches, bottom right - Rainbow 9 patch and snowball blocks.

If I hang in there until the end of the year I'll have 4 new rainbow quilts to show for my scrappy efforts.  Not bad, and a big thank you to Angela at Soscrappy.

I looked at the 9 hearts that I had done and thought about how I'd been wanting to make a Valentine's table topper.  I couldn't help myself, this morning before I had to take DH for his blood work I got started and when I got back I finished this reversible table topper.  The center of the back was all scraps, as was the pink and most of the background of the hearts, but I have to admit, the borders were from yardage.  In my defense though, the batting I pieced from scraps and the slightly unfortunate scrappy binding was also leftovers from other projects. 


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Woo Hoo, someone else that is as crazy as I am and can't just make ONE quilt with the scraps. Hehehe. I haven't finished all my pinks yet, so I am not sure exactly how many different ones I am making yet.

Amanda said...

I'm sure you'll really enjoy using that table topper, whichever way up you choose, and you'll have fun identifying the different fabrics and thinking what other quilts you made with them.

Edith said...

I like your hearts, I'm planning on making a Rainbow of Hearts this year for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.