Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Change of Pace

My granddaughter took this today.  I think that she is very talented, and it goes without saying that  my great-grandchildren are adorable.  Guess which one had to be bribed with marshmallows.
My oldest grandson is getting married this Friday and a couple of days ago I realized that I have gold and black heels, but somewhere along the lines I must have given away my black and my gold bags.  Yesterday I made a trip to Joann's (which was nice as while out I had lunch with my grandson and his soon to be wife) and tried to find something dressy that would go ok with both colors, as I think I'll wear black for the rehearsal dinner and gold for the wedding reception.   My daughter was in the same boat, I thought if she wanted I'd try to make her one too, so I came home and cut them out and today has been pretty much dedicated to making the bags.   They aren't tiny, but they are much smaller than my regular bag. 

Just in case I can fit my stuff in here, I went ahead and did lots of pockets, I need those.

They are about 12" tall and 10" wide and 4" deep.   Tomorrow is dedicated to hemming my husband's pants, cutting his hair, coloring my hair washing and getting things ready.   The wedding is only about 45 minutes away, but with my husband's poor health it seemed wise to stay at the hotel nearby to the wedding venue.   He can only stand short periods without putting his feet up.   They are quite swollen. 


Amanda said...

What a lovely photograph of your great grand children, and the little girl's feisty character certainly shows! And what great bags, was the fabric difficult to work with? Have a wonderful time at the wedding.

Amanda said...
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