Sunday, October 7, 2012

Too Short a Visit

My brothers came for a short visit this weekend.  They got here yesterday about 3 o'clock and left today about 1:00  Very short, but look what they accomplished.  This light wasn't on my list, I thought it would be too time consuming, even though I've probably had the lamp and the kit that was needed for a couple of years now.  My brother said something about did I have enough light that it was dark in that corner and I said yes, it is kind of dark but I have a light for it maybe next time you come and have more time.   Pretty soon, it was spread out on the floor and on the list of jobs.  It makes a world of difference, and hopefully since I'll be able to see better when I'm FMQ'ing, I'll have less crossed seams.  No promises though, lol.

Next, a small job to them but awfully big to me since I couldn't reach and my husbands back wasn't up to trying.  Luckily, the light in my sewing room closet went out just a couple of days ago and now I have light again. 

This job was on the list, I've probably had these shelves for almost a year and wasn't able to get anyone to put them up conveniently.   Now I have shelves for my spices on the inside of the pantry door, it'll be much more convenient and it frees up the small cabinet between the stove and refrigerator for necessary medications. 
I'll spare you a picture of the toilet seat which is now tight and secure in its appointed place.  
Yay for brothers who are so handy and so willing to help.  I am more and more grateful for them and not just because of what they do, but because of who they are.

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Amanda said...

A good family is worth any treasure isn't it? Good for your brothers. I'm sure having a decent light over your sewing machine will make a huge difference. I was amazed at how much easier things were when we had some new lights put in the sewing room; it's not perfect but heaps better. Happy sewing.