Sunday, October 14, 2012

Not My Favorite Flimsy

My flimsy from  Alycia Quilts, Quilt of Valor Mystery Quilt-a-Long has borders now.  I can't say it's a favorite, as it doesn't satisfy my gypsy soul.  My colors are drab and my answer to the empty spaces was embroideries, and one is too dark and one is too light.   The mystery was designed to be followed up by a quilting class, but it looked to be geared for longarms and since I don't have one I thought I'd try this.  It still has to be quilted, which as I've said before even my meandering seems to improve things, so I still have hope.  Evidently the tan fabric should have been all turned the same direction to avoid the shadings, but it doesn't show so much in person.   As the saying goes, done is better than perfect, so I hope to get it done soon. 

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Amanda said...

I'm not a fan of big empty spaces either as my quilting isn't up to it yet, but I like your idea of using embroideries. Once it's finished I'm sure you'll be happier with it and it will doubtless find a good home.