Friday, October 26, 2012

New Baby Going Home and Twenty of Twenty

First trip - On his way home.  Little Maddox three days old. 
Amanda and I started very late, but will finish well in time for the next step on November 1st.  The next steps are putting it together and quilting, and this is the last block 'twenty of twenty', yay!  I already know what I'm doing about cornerstones and sashing, so since Amanda is also working on her last block (may have finished before me) I'll just go ahead and not wait for the class.  I don't think that I would have kept up if it weren't for Amanda.  Working along with someone else, even if they are an ocean away and on a different continent has been fun and an incentive to keep up.  Yay, Amanda.    

A photo collage of my 20 blocks.  There will be some rearranging, and it will be 4 blocks by 5 blocks, not 5 blocks by 4 blocks, and there will be cornerstones and 2 borders, but this looks pretty much like it.  I think I'm on purple, orange, green and blue overload.

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Amanda said...

Well done on finishing up the blocks well before the end of September. I really like your second drunkards path block. It was fun playing around with different layouts wasn't it? Our choir has a concert today, so I'll be helping set the hall up this morning, resting this afternoon and singing this evening. Hopefully I can do the last block tomorrow. Yours look great all together. Thank you to you too, it's been a real incentive working together on these blocks, I'd never have bothered otherwise.