Thursday, October 18, 2012

Stars In My Eyes

Only 4 more blocks to go.  I went to Joann's today coupons in hand, but they didn't carry drunkard's path templates, so I ordered some off of Amazon when I got home and decided to skip to the last blocks and wait for the templates.  I did the Dresdens with my home made templates and it worked fine, but I sliced things up pretty badly.  I decided that as much of a pain in the behind as I anticipate the drunkard's path as being, I want to start off with better templates and hopefully I'll like them well enough to make more at some point.  I feel that way about the Dresdens, in fact I picked up the template today.    Meanwhile, this morning I made these blocks and I'm wondering what kind of a finished product I will have, cute or garish.   I was thinking of black sashing and then I remembered my husband's crack about Halloween concerning my Sunrise, Sunset (Orca Bay) and I don't want a repeat of that.  Maybe, I'll look for a large print with hopefully all four of my colors in it, turquoise, green, orange and purple.  

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Amanda said...

The blocks look great, so now you'e ahead of me. I'm thinking I'll try and stick with the card templates for the drunkard's path block, rather than hunting for plastic ones.