Sunday, October 21, 2012

Walking for the Cure and First Craftsy Paper Pieced BOM

It was a beautiful day, it started out a little cool and then turned to perfect.  Good thing, this old one hasn't done much walking lately and we had 3 miles to walk. 

Some of the walkers were really into the spirit of things, with costumes and everything.  It was a little fun added to a very serious intention. 

After the walk we had to shore up on calories so we stopped at Toojay's Deli for a very delicious breakfast.  There was also a little horseplay by the grandkids who went along to walk.

Doesn't the bakery section look delicious.  My grandson isn't bad either.

We were going to make the sacrifice of purchasing some pink and white cookies, but they were out so we got some black and white ones anyway. 

When we got home I delivered my Quilt of Valor mystery to a friend of the grandkids who got his honorable discharge this month.  He seemed to like it.  After he left I did the first paper pieced block.  I'm glad that I did it, in the future I can see a block or two in a special quilt, but I discovered that I don't like string blocks, I don't like wonky log cabin blocks and I don't like paper piecing.  Paper piecing seems like a big overuse of fabric, too.   I do like the block though, and now I just have to gird up my loins and forge on to block number two.   Not today though, I think I'm done for the day.   The boob tube beckons. 
Just 3 more blocks to go - there's supposed to be 17 here, somehow I missed 2, but they will be in the quilt.   I think I missed February. 


scraphappy said...

What a fun collection of blocks. Your colors are so bright and happy. Samplers are such a great way to figure out which techniques are not your favorite.

Amanda said...

Well done on the walk, walking for a good cause is always a great motivation. You're getting way ahead of me! I'll have to get my skates on now that we're back from Scotland.