Monday, January 30, 2012

No More Eyesore

We've been in our house about 25 years and the back porch had gotten pretty bad.  We had renters who put a few small holes in the screens and then last year we had the house pressure washed and the pressure was too much for the old screen fabric and the holes were bigger and more plentiful.  The rug was also about 25 years old, so you can imagine that it was needing replaced, although it held up really well and the color was still good after all those years.

The old carpet was blue and I was ready for a change so this was quite different and I like it.  I hope to spend many hours back here just chilling.  On a different subject, last night I worked on my piano key border for my Sunrise Sunset (Orca Bay)  I thought probably this should be about enough, WRONG, I have about 140 inches done and I need about 334.  Oh well, it's not a race.  I'm making each key 1" by 5" finished size, so at least, it is fairly easy to figure.

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Jan Maree said...

It looks like the perfect place for chillin'. Enjoy!