Friday, May 30, 2008

Thimble, Handquilting, and Cell Phones

I had replied to a post on Fabricologist Anonymous and Lissa had just had a little shopping spree, including a silver thimble from
My brother one year for Christmas had gotten me a gold thimble, I think 10K, and the next year got me a silver thimble holder. He loves to go to pawn shops, thrift shops, and garage sales, and often gets some bargains. I thought that I would just share a picture of them. I don't know if they are antiques or anything like that, but they are a couple of my treasures.
That made me think to show my so far only hand quilting start (actually, I do have 2, as I have an Eagle Scout quilt started for my son, who has been out of Scouts for many years, so I guess I should consider finishing it). It is all ready and quilted, will be queen sized when finished, and it is a sampler quilt. Not too much quilting on it, but I worked very hard on it, I thought. I need to sew the blocks together and I will have a UFO finished that I did back about 22 or 23 years ago. It has been to this point since then. The colors are much softer than in the pictures. These were made using Georgia Bonesteel's Lap Quilting technique.

My husband and I are retired now, he has been for about 5 years, and I have been for about 2 years, and since I was the caretaker for my mother, we didn't get out of the house too much. We are hoping to do some traveling, health permitting, and so for our anniversary (which isn't until the end of next month), I got a new phone with GPS. This is my first phone that wasn't black, and wasn't the free giveaway at the time, and I am enjoying playing with it. I will have the internet on it for 2 months, and then when the rebate comes back I will cancel that, but for now I can play all I want.
Unfortunately, all these things sidetrack my OC, but I have got step 5 cut out, and half the blocks stacked up and ready to assembly line sew.


Julia said...

I love the thimbles Candace, they do look antique and make a lovely keepsake from your brother.
Keep up the good work of hand quilting your quilt, it will be beautiful, I love the look of hand quilting, so homely and comforting.
Just checked your clock with mine and your right, we are 12 hours difference, right now it's 6.39am here.

Kay said...

I used to collect thimbles for a while an displayed them on my printers box. Your gold and silver thimbles are very impressive. Just lovely. Your quilts are amazing, too. Very, very beautiful.

Amanda said...

My mother used to collect thimbles but i sold them after she died. They're really pretty but such dust traps! Well done on getting the UFO nearly finished after so long. I really enjoy hand quilting, and the 'quilt-as-you-go' is the way I did my sampler quilt too. Love the new toy. I'm not surprised you haven't got much sewing done with that to play with. Have fun (and don't get lost!)

Cheryl said...

Great thimbles!!! There is nothing like a hand quilted quilt!
What a cool new phone :-)!

Lissa Jane said...

thanks for sharing the pics of the thimbles!!! mine aren't antique at all (must take a pic of them for you)..
I have a GPS in my phone too and I love it.. althought I thought when I got it I never get lost (someone always tells me where to go) but I have used it sooo much!!! very handy for travelling!

thanks for visiting my blog!


Cathie said...

Hi Candace. What a cute blog - great kids, love the penguine and the quilting (ohio star and drunkard's path blocks?) are awesome. I've never seen a thimble holder - what a sweet gift.
Regarding the gps - we have one too -- and couldn't live without it. I'd rather NOT have a phone and have our gps. We take it with us when we travel (we tour alot out West - Colorado, Utah, Montana, etc.) on a Harley Davidson - so it comes in very, very handy. Congrats on the anniversary -- and keep enjoying life!!