Saturday, May 24, 2008


When the doorbell rang this afternoon, I wasn't expecting anyone, and was surprised when it was the mailman at my door with a big box. (Also, a baby lizard that my husband got with a paper toweled hand and sent back outside.) I only ordered my featherweight a couple of days ago, but there it was. It had to come less than 150 miles, but it was still a surprise.
As you can see, it is a bit scratched up, but I hooked it up, the light worked, and it purred along. I couldn't try any actual stitching, as the bobbin case that was supposed to have come with it wasn't there. I have already emailed the seller, so hopefully it will be coming soon. The part that holds the thread on top was broken, and that was supposed to have been included also, but wasn't. Hopefully, this lady is a reputable person and will make sure that I receive the missing parts.

I have looked on line and found a place that has all kinds of parts including the part that I am missing on the top, and it looked to be reasonable. It does look like a toy, even my Janome Jem looks like a big bully in comparison. I am anxious to see the famous featherweight straight stitch.
I was glad to have a pleasant surprise, as this morning was fairly unpleasant. I tried for hours to order some collage prints online, and finally called the company. She did the best she could, and then checked with the supervisor who told her to check with the technical people. I am waiting on them now, so I guess we'll see how they do. At least, it wasn't me.


Amanda said...

I do hope that you manage to get the bits sorted out for your new toy. I look forward to hearing how it works. Isn't it fun to get a new toy to play with. What a pity that you had such an infuriating morning. I HATE computers (almost as much as I love them!)

Julia said...

She's a little beauty, Candace.
it's a shame that bits are missing and you can't get to use it just now.
I hope you get it all sorted out soon.

SubeeSews said...

I hope you get the parts you need. How frustrating. I wish I had never sold my 1936 scroll face. She came as is and she ran like a trooper.
about the OC...I am a fast sewer...understanding hubby too. I love this mystery. I would never have attempted this complicated a quilt!

Kay said...

I remember my mom having a singer sort of like that when we were growing up. Hmmm...wait... I think she's still got it in Hawaii. I also remember sewing my brother's finger when I was very little and was playing with it. He came along and thrust his finger right under and I couldn't stop it. I have a poor memory about everything but I do remember that. He has forgiven me.

Rhonda said...

Congrats on getting your little cutie! I hope the lady comes through with the missing parts soon.
Can't wait to see what you're going to make on it! :D