Friday, May 23, 2008


I emailed the ALS Association and requested permission to put the image of their stamp, and the calendar that they sell on their site on my blog, and they were kind enough to give it to me. I just wanted to post the information that they have about the artist, Peggy Chun, on their site:

"This beautiful calendar chronicles the vivid work of artist Peggy Chun, whose painting methods have evolved during the past several years since she was diagnosed with ALS in 2002. Peggy began painting with her right hand, then she switched to using her left hand. When Peggy could no longer use her hands, she began painting with her teeth. Eventually, she lost the use of her teeth, and began using an eye response computer system. She then lost the ability to use an eye response computer system, and now uses her nose with the help of an assistant to create her unique paintings."

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