Sunday, September 13, 2009

DH in Hospital

Just a quick post today. Saturday morning at about 1:30 I took my husband to the emergency room. He had been ill for several days and getting weaker and coughing a lot. He resisted going, I had been trying to get him to go to his doctor for 2-3 days, but the last straw was when he started seeing things that weren't there, and being very confused. With some difficulty, I convinced him to go with me to the hospital and they had him in the back room in just a few minutes. His blood pressure was dangerously low, and his oxygen saturation was also. He had a temp of 103.2, and that combined with the low oxygen was what they felt was causing the mental problems. He has what they said is a very large pneumonia in his left lung and his white cell count which is supposed to be around 4500 was around 1000. He has been in a room where everyone had to wear masks to keep from making him sicker, and this morning the nurse gave me some good news, they have gotten his count up to about 4200. No more masks. He didn't want to be admitted, and the doctor had to talk him into staying. He told him that if he went home he would almost certainly die. My daughter had come to the hospital to stay with us, and she was looking very upset, I told him that if he didn't stay he would traumatize his daughter, and that combined with the nurse telling him that if he didn't stay insurance probably wouldn't pay for the visit to that point, he finally relented. It hasn't been easy, he has had 5 IV sites now, 2 in each arm and now one that seems to weave from his arm to his chest. He hates needles and at times I have almost felt guilty for making him stay, he has been so miserable. I am glad of course that I took him, and that he is improving. He has a very nice large private room, and most of the staff are extremely nice and helpful. I will probably be scarce for awhile, but have my netbook here in the hospital, so will check in occasionally. I am pretty much sleep deprived now, as I could probably count the sleep that I have gotten in the past 2 days on one hand and have at least one finger left over, so I apologize for rambling.

Friday, September 11, 2009


My daughter and grand DIL stopped by yesterday morning and when they left I saw this pretty fellow in the grass. At first I thought that it must be very intent on something, but then I realized it was injured. A shame, but still big and beautiful.

The lighting is terrible, but I think that this is going to be a pretty little quilt when it's done. I have gotten a start on the sashing, and am anxious to see the flimsy. This is for a little girl, and then there will be one the same size for a little guy, and a larger one for me (or someone else, who knows). The colors are brighter and less antiquey looking than it looks here.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trade with Bluebird Lyn

If Lyn ever requests a trade with you, say yes as quick as you can. I've heard of Christmas in July, but I got Christmas in September. The package was charming, and I opened it with anticipation. The card that was on top was lovely as you can see, and I took a picture of the back too, as it is equally as pretty, and it doesn't say Hallmark, it says Koala, which to me is a bit exotic and interesting. It isn't often I receive a present from so far away.

The original swap was for fabric, the rest is a bonus. This adorable Funky Monkey fabric was my prize. It is cuter than I imagined and will be just perfect for my new great grandbaby due in December. Her daddy wants monkeys, and I will combine this with monkey embroidery.

These are new to me, but since they say paper bow tie on them, I imagine that they are for decorating Christmas packages. Very pretty.

I see a wallhanging in my future, as this is a vintage art quilt block. Isn't the fabric that came with it beautiful.

This is adorable. It is a wooden thread holder and makes me think that I'd better take up cross stitch again. It would be perfect for my threads. For now, it is just nice to look at and enjoy. I may make it into a little mini mobile for my sewing room.

I think that this is 3 or 4 gifts in one. Do you see the pretty brooch? Scissors are one of the things I like to collect, and I love pins. I need to start going to our local quilting group, and I think I would enjoy wearing it there, and telling everyone where it came from (Australia). This little case will tuck perfectly into my rolling cart, and what could be nicer than a little mini cutting board and 1/4 inch plus ruler. I may be the center of attention for awhile while everyone ooh's and aah's.

Thank you so much Lyn, this is most surely above and beyond, and very much appreciated.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tea Things Tuesday

Today is my first time participating in Tea Things Tuesday. My MIL collected teacups and I admired hers when I was first married. It was probably 8 or 9 years later before I got my first one, although we bought her several for gifts. One of the first that I got, and still my favorite is the Spode Shima pattern. I believe that the pattern was discontinued about 1985. Here in Orlando, Fl. there was a big old warehouse type building that sold various china, crystal, etc. and they had this one cup and saucer. I went back 2 or 3 times before I succumbed and purchased it, and I've never been sorry, as I said it is still my favorite. I have others that are probably prettier, but there is something about this pattern that really appeals to me. The little crystal sugar bowl on the right is one that I got at the Waterford outlet. My mother gave me the little silverplate spoon, and she has since passed away, so it is also a treasure to me. If you visit Kim at Shabby, Pink and Pretty you will be able to visit the other participants for Tea Things Tuesday.

Friday, September 4, 2009

More Shopping

Here's my finished bindings, they look much neater now than draped all over my sewing room like icicles hanging down. I got this cute little container at Office Depot a couple of months ago just because it was cute, and it holds all my bindings perfectly. Hopefully not for long though, as they need to be on my kids quilts in progress.

Robin's Egg Blue and Candy Pink arrived yesterday from Fabric Depot and they are pretty in person, too. I just hope that the blue is boyish enough. I got 5 yards of each so that I will have leftovers after I use it for sashings on my boy and girl Nine Patches.

I was looking for fabrics for hostess presents for a trip that has now been cancelled when I saw these Christmas Stockings and fabrics at Connecting Threads. I thought that the stockings were very cute and aspire to make some for gifts (hopefully, for this year, but I make no promises). The new fabrics are only on the bottom row and the thread is just to keep the fabric from falling down. The top row, I already had.

Lazy Girl Fabric Pouches were what I finally came up with for hostess gifts, and I got a fat quarter bundle, again from Connecting Threads.

This entire box is the bundle, and the little zipper pulls are made from horn. Our trip has been cancelled for now, but maybe in the spring we will go, so I still plan to make the pouches. The fat quarters were on clearance, too. I always love a bargain, but my fathers advice comes back to me, that you can go broke saving money.
Yesterday was a run around day. I got a haircut, DH went to the opthomologist, and we had our favorite handyman come to fix the toilet, which has been running. My husband had tried to fix it by replacing a part, but the tank needed to be taken off for this particular fix. In the process, a 20 year old plastic piece fell apart and Mr. handyman is coming back this morning. It is funny how we get spoiled. I grew up with a one bathroom house and a family of five and we managed. Now I am used to my own bathroom and sharing one with DH seems like a sacrifice. Our house is small, and our bathrooms are small, but it is a luxury to have the two, which I have quickly become accustomed to. It makes me a little ashamed though to be so spoiled.
For you who celebrate the holiday, have a good and safe one. Everyone else, have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bindings in Progress

I haven't gotten a single quilt quilted, but I am doing the bindings in advance. I have seven sewn and ready to press and it sure does make my sewing room a mess. Kind of reminds me of icicles hanging everywhere, but we still have the air-conditioner on.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Nine Patches

I have been making nine patches like a maniac for the past couple of days. I needed 70 for the Crazy Mom Quilts sew along, and I had those done a week or two ago. Then I got to thinking, which isn't always a good thing. Why do I want a twin sized quilt when I don't have any twin beds or know anyone who does who needs a quilt, maybe I should do two lap quilts instead. I figured it out, and I needed 26 more nine patches. I know some ladies have nice big stashes and could probably get 96 strips of any one color at a moment's notice, but I had to dig. I thought I had used all my resources when I got the first 70, but I was able to come up with what I thought was 26 (I counted wrong, it was 24)

Then I found out that my oldest grandson and his girlfriend from Pennsylvania are giving being together another try. They had visited back about February and we fell in love with her two children, they were 2 and 3, and quite amusing and loveable, as are most little children. I got to thinking again. Maybe, I should make 1 adult lap quilt and two children's quilts. I figured it out, and I needed about 22 more nine patches (my math wasn't too good, as I ended up with 2 extras). If you notice in this last batch there are lots of plaids, mostly brown. I had to start robbing from fabrics that I had put aside for some quilts, and these came from some I'm planning for my brothers.

The original quilts have white sashing, and I love the look of it, but Rhonda from Doxie's on my Quilt got me thinking about Kona Robin's Egg Blue, so I thought that that would be good for the sashing for the little boy, Ethan's quilt. And so why not a pretty Candy Pink Kona for his sister, Savanna.
Next on the agenda is to do some housework and then get the 6 children's quilts spray basted, quilted, bound and sent off.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Giveaway Goodies

The other day I received my package from Eileen at My Quilting Porch. I have enjoyed her blog almost from the time that I discovered blogs, and I was very excited to win her giveaway. The fat little round bag is chock full of 30's goodies, and the flat bag below it has pieces all cut up and ready to go. I can't wait to get them on my design wall. A very nice bonus was the 2 patterns, and the quilter's template for 60 degree diamonds. A very nice mail day indeed. Thank you so much, Eileen. I see a new tablerunner in my near future.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


My niece and her children are safely back in Iowa and had a very nice vacation, I hope. A couple of the kids told me they can't wait until next year when they can come back, so I think that they enjoyed themselves. The last day they had to get up at 2:30 AM to catch their 6:00 AM flight, so I'll bet it felt really good to get home.
Rebecca read my blog post and the remarks about her home and she sent me this email:
"Dear Candace. I just got back from my dad's and was finally able to look at this email. You have no idea how you and your friends have made me feel. I have tears in my eyes!! Thank you so much for giving me this gift of kind words. Love, Becky Rebecca (either one is fine)"
She made my day with her kind words.
I forwarded the kind and complimentary posts about my brother's ruler rack to him and he was also touched, but told me that if I sent anymore he would get a big head.
The picture above is of the last blocks out of the seventy required for the Crazy Mom Quilts sew along. Yeah! Now, it needs to go back in the box until I get the 6 quilts finished for my grandson and nieces and nephews.
PS I was glad to see when my niece was here that she had brought the little girl quilts with her and the kids were using them. It warmed my heart.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wedding and Ruler Rack

Busy is the word that comes to mind to describe the past few days. My niece and her 7 children got here Wednesday, the day we (DH and I) went to the ball game, and the next day we did errands getting ready for the family get together on Sunday and visited twice with Kerri (my niece) and her children. Friday we did yard work and my brother and my nephew got here. His son, my nephew, stayed with my grandson and my brother stayed at my house, which is the usual way that we do things, as his son and my grandson are both 13 now, and their birthdays within a month of each other. They share many interests, including computer gaming. Saturday was my granddaughter's wedding. I don't know why, but I didn't get many pictures that day, but it was a beautiful wedding. They had it at the Melbourne, Fl. zoo, and the lodge inside was decorated beautifully. The ceremony was on the big porch in the back, and then we were back inside. She looked beautiful and very happy. There was lots of delicious food, and I think that we were eating most of the time. That's my second grandchild to marry this year, now my daughter and my son each have a married child.
My granddaughter was sweet she pointed out to me that she had made her veil, and added shiny rhinestones to the back. She thought of me when she did it, as she knows that I sew.

My brother brought my ruler rack and put it up for me. You might be able to tell that it started out life as a drawer that he was unhappy with, although it looks perfect to me. When I asked him to use it for my ruler rack, he added the 2 extra boards in the center and the notches. It is beautiful and works just perfectly. It is in my sewing room closet, so was a bit hard to photograph hanging, but I did the best I could. Boy is it nice to get my rulers in one place and off my cutting-ironing table. It's a wonder I didn't wear them out moving them back and forth from the table to the bed. Again, my brother did an excellent job, and made my life easier. I feel bad because it seems like every time he comes there are jobs at my daughter's house and my house. The same with my other brother. This time he hung the ruler rack and replaced a dimmer switch at my house, and did a brake job and replaced a radiator for my daughter's car. He isn't that healthy either, so I always try to make sure that he doesn't overdo, but I still hope that next time he can just visit and no jobs. Both of my brothers are very handy, and very sweet about helping.

Sunday, we had our family get together with my nieces family from Iowa, my son and his youngest daughter from Mulberry, Fl., one brother and his son from Brunswick, Ga., my other brother from Jacksonville, Fl. with his children from Lawtey, FL., and some of my grandchildren from Melbourne, Fl. Then of course my daughter and her family and DH and I from the Clermont, Fl. area. I did take pictures, but with my son's Nikon DSLR D90, it was fun to use, but went home with my son, of course. The thing is, sometimes he's not too good at sharing his pictures, but if he does I'll post a couple.
Oh, I forgot to mention. My brother made a cleat for the back of the ruler rack, a board with a 45 degree angle attached to the wall, and another board with a 45 degree angle attached to the rack, and then it just sits on the cleat, but is sturdy and easy to remove if necessary. It was the first time that he had tried that, but I'll bet not the last.