Sunday, June 8, 2008


The ridiculous is here, if you want to see the sublime, you have to go to Okperi's Place and see the pictures of her yard. We have been emailing back and forth, and she has requested pictures. Here are 2 of the emails:

From Me Your yard was the final straw. It looked so pretty, that I spent 3 hours working in mine today, and it is looking much better. I kept putting off weeding because I am afraid of critters, and I was waiting for help. It didn't come, and once I got started it wasn't too bad.
Although, the first thing I did was mow, and the first thing I saw near our garbage cans was a rat. Not an auspicious beginning for a chicken.

Here's hers Oh Candace, that is funny, lol. I know it really isn't but it is and I have to laugh. I think I would not work in the yard either if I saw a rat.
I am glad I gave you some inspiration, but if I were you, I would be unhappy that I felt like I had to do something, lol. I am still laughing, you have made my day!
Please post a picture so I can congratulate you on your blog lol.
There are also a couple of gratuitous flower pictures from after our rain today, so the crepe myrtles got a little beat up. And here is also another picture of a critter who stayed still long enough for his portrait to be taken. I pulled lots of weeds today, but there is still a lot of work to be done. It was a good start.


Perry said...

Well, I think your yard is looking great! Your crepe myrtles are really pretty. We have some red ones but it will be another month before they bloom, and I have a funny story about them I need to blog about. Doesn't it make you feel good to have your yard looking so neat? lol, not sure it is worth the sore muscles that seem to last for days with me, though. Keep it up, it will be gorgeous before you know it. Oakes Daylilies is the best place to buy lilies, trust me on that one. Are those azaleas with the red blooms? Mine bloom in the early spring and the late fall so they are not blooming at the moment. You have a nice foundation to work with, and carpet grass! I so miss carpet grass! You get a great big star!!!

Lurline said...

Candace, everything is looking so pretty - I guess spring over there helps. I haven't seen a crepe myrtle for years and yours is just beautiful.
Best wishes - Lurline.

scraphappy said...

I think my yard is closer to yours than Okperi's. Something about the heat of the Florida summer just drives me inside to the safety of air conditioning. I don't think I can add gardening to my list of hobbies.

Amanda said...

Your 'yard' is looking very pretty. Such a strange word for me to use - is a yard the same as a garden? I don't think we have crepe myrtles here. And what's carpet grass (Perry mentions it)? Gosh, I'm learning such a lot of new words. Pretty lizard too - or is it a gecko? Nothing to be frightened of there.

Susan in SC said...

Your yard is very nice! I know what you mean about pulling weeds - I hate starting that. Once I get started, I'm fine. Crepe myrtles line my drive-way but they are not blooming yet - for some reason they like to bloom late. :) Okperi's yard is beautiful. She must be a master gardener!

Kay said...

Your garden is just beautiful, Candace and I love all the flowers!

Cheryl said...
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Cheryl said...

I have a crepe myrtle but mine never behaves as nicely as yours!

jenclair said...

The crepe myrtles are lovely! When we have a big wind, watching those little blooms fly around makes me think of confetti; they are even pretty on the ground afterwards.