Sunday, June 1, 2008

National Cemetary - Parents Anniversary

Today, my parents would have been married 63 years. This afternoon my husband asked if I would like to go to the cemetary where my father is buried and I of course said yes. It is a National Cemetary for the military. They keep it very nice, but I guess the drought has affected the cemetary, too, as the grass was looking kind of like mine at home. It looks a lot like Arlington National Cemetary as far as the headstones and how they look to be laid out. If you notice in the picture some headstones have writing and some don't. That is because this is taken from in front of my father's headstone, toward the road, and that is the back's of them. The ones that have writing are where the spouses have passed away also, and are buried above the military person. It is very beautiful there, especially on holidays like Memorial day and July 4th, then they have flags everywhere.
It is about 41 miles from my house to the cemetary, and we tried out our new GPS phone. I think that we are going to like having it very much. If I can keep my wits about me enough, we shouldn't be one of those old couples who drive off to the store, and end up mosquito bitten in the woods a few days later. Although, I guess if I can work the GPS, I can find my way to the store and back. I forgot my camera and we went back home and I'm sure caused the little lady inside the GPS some stress. She kept telling us to make a legal U-turn. (Yes, I'm kidding, I'm not old enough yet to believe there is a little lady in there)
This morning I worked on my OC and finished the 20 big blocks of step 5 and have the triangle blocks ready to assembly line sew. I'm hoping to get more done tonight, although I am running out of steam so it may be tomorrow. Hopefully, Bonnie won't do the next clue until at least Tuesday, and I should be caught up for the first time.
I don't know what happened to my blog template, and my pretty patterned sides, all day it has been black. I hope I'm not going to have to redo.


Amanda said...

It's strange isn't it how cemetaries are such peaceful places? One of my favourite local walks takes me into the graveyard at our local church. Glad to hear you're getting to grips with your GPS- we hear such weird tales of their peculiarities that we haven't bothered yet. I'e just spotted (and obtained) the Blogging Without Obligation widget on your blog - what a good idea.

Kay said...

Your blog template looked as beautiful as ever. I'm glad you had a nice visit at the cemetery. It's a beautiful resting place.