Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tucker's Bag

Monday night I received this text from my niece, the mother of eight children, "I'm sure you're busy, but I was wondering if you might have time to make Tuck a bag for ballgames.  We're at our first one tonight & he keeps stealing the girls'.   Hard to believe of this angelic little fella. 

His sisters bags have pockets, so so does Tucker's.

I was going for "manly", so I started out with some velveteen cotton that I had, but for Tucker's we'll call it imitation suede.  It is soft.   They have horses, so I thought a cowboy hat and boots would fit the bill.   The pocket linings and the bottom of the inside lining are blue handkerchief pattern. 

And so he doesn't get bored, I did the opposite side pocket in a different color.   It's not perfect, but I used a lot of extra thread to make sure it can stand up to the rough life that could be coming its way.  There'll be lots of ballgames.  Now, I'm trying to decide whether to make his 3 younger sisters crayon rolls.  If so, I'd probably need to make one for Tucker, too.  I'm anxious to get it in the mail, it sounds like an emergency request.
I did decide to make his sisters some crayon rolls.  I didn't make one for him though, I was trying to hurry so I can get them in the mail today.  I used the tutorial from These Moments of Mine here  and it was as simple as she said.  The directions were very good and they are nice and cushy.  I could have done better with more time, I would have used different ribbon and I would have wound new bobbins.  I figured the charcoal wasn't too bad with the black ribbon though.   Now I just have to go get colors or colored pencils and little writing pads and then it's off to the post office.


Anita said...

Very nice job Candace. You sure do get things done.

Katie M. said...

I sure could have used this idea a couple months ago. My g-sons were playing football and my 3 yr. old DGD could have used her own bag with some activities. Maybe in the fall....
Thanks for sharing.