Friday, July 4, 2008

Starting and Shopping

I hope everyone had or is having a nice day today, and for those who celebrate Independence Day, a happy holiday. It is a day to enjoy, but also a day to reflect on the sacrifices that have been made for us. There is a very informative and inspiring post on Julie's Blog on that very subject. It is about the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and how their lives were affected by there choice for liberty.

I spent part of my day shopping at JoAnn's today. I thought that the needles that I purchased awhile ago would be what I needed for my 'green' grocery bag, but they were too short, so I purchased needles of different types, and yarn for my bag. I hadn't bought any for years, except for the ones that didn't work for this project, which were on sale and fancy with a tapestry case, so I had a little bit of sticker shock in the needle department. I hope I can figure the pattern out and see it through. If not, I guess I will make dishcloths. That is another knitting project I have been wanting to do.

While I was at JoAnn's, I also got the fabric for the new mystery quilt from 'StashMystery' yahoo group. I know that I have lost my mind, as I am still working on the Orange Crush and Carolina Crossroads, but this is a simpler project, and looked like a change of pace. I am kind of defeating the purpose, as it is supposed to be from stash, but I don't have a big stash, and I wanted a change of colors, too.
I thought of the Boxy Stars, but this one lured me.


Amanda said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how your knitting progresses. I've been tempted by some of the socks I've seen people knitting, but I've got too much sewing and scrapbooking to do. I'm sure you've already broken the rules for the Stash Mystery!! But I do like the colours you've chosen, the lime green really brings them alive.

Kelly said...

I love the purple and greens. I'll be watching to see what happens with them!

Hannies Annies said...

love the fabrics, and yes love the needles and yarn...I love working with those wooden needles...they are my favorite!!!