Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ginger Update

A few people had mentioned their intentions of trying to grow the ginger also, and so I wanted to let you know a little more that I found out. I had stuck my ginger cut side down, and wondered if that was correct, or if it should be cut side up. I was lucky enough to have La Gringa clarify it for me, and it turns out that neither was correct. Her answer:

"I'm sending a quick response here because of your ginger question. The ginger will grow roots from the uncut part that still has the peel. The cut ends should be to the sides. It's tough to describe. In other words if you have a large flat piece of ginger, the the flat, uncut, unpeeled side should go down. Think of it like your hand. The palm side would go down into the soil. Does that make sense?"


Kay said...

This is interesting. You know my mom keeps ginger in the ground when she's not using it to keep it fresher. I never considered doing that myself.

La Gringa said...

I would have tried to write it better if I had known you were going to print it! ;-O

BTW, I saw your granddaughter's photo on my guest book. She must be THE cutest little girl ever! Thanks for signing it and for posting the photo. She's a little doll.