Saturday, July 19, 2008

Orange Crush Back, Stashmystery, Turning Twenty

I finally got my backing done for the OC, and will send it off next week to the LA. I hardly ever do labels, this is just the second. The OC is kind of a playful quilt, even though it is labor intensive, so my label is also playful, as you can see, it may be a candidate for the Guinness Book of World Records, for the biggest label ever.

I also finished step 3 of the StashMystery, a new record for me, as the next clue isn't due until Tuesday. The blocks are getting smaller and smaller, I finished that last night.
Two of my grandson's came over today and worked some more (they did some a couple days ago) trimming our trees, and spraying weeds. They sure did in an hour or so what would have taken DH and I several, that's if he was even up to helping. Oh to be young again, I guess the next best thing is grandkids who are.
When they left DH and I went to JoAnn's, and I got my YoYo tool for Donna's in the Attic Challenge. I'm looking forward to doing some yoyo's. I did some kind of primitive ones in the past, but I didn't have a tool, and didn't really know what I was doing. Donna's are beautiful, she is so talented. I am very excited to have won some of her work.
I didn't get my Turning Twenty pattern in time for her quilt show, but I have it now and am going to do the little version for our pregnant dentist's new baby due this month. If I practice, I may even try to quilt it myself, the fabrics are below. Today I got 9 fat quarters, and so with the fabric that I already had, I have enough for the Turning Twenty. The two yellows in the left corner won't go in this one, as she is having a girl and they have trains and fire hydrants, and the alphabet fabric above it is for the backing. I hope it turns out half as pretty as Donna's are. My niece is pregnant and hoping for a boy, so I figure I could leave out the pinks, add the yellows and add a couple more baby boy fabrics, and I'll be in business.
I won't be doing any quilting or sewing for a few days, as my new desk and my brother are coming tomorrow. It was supposed to be both of my brothers, but due to domestic problems with a seperated wife, it will only be one. I'm disappointed, but I understand, as he has to protect his property. Sad huh.


Julie said...

What a great label!

Amanda said...

Well done Candace, isn't it great to get something finished. I love the huge label - what does it say? I'm still quilting mine, not very successfully, but it's good practice and probably means I'll have to keep it for myself. Yummy new fabrics.

Michelle said...

I love the label, and all the eye candy you showed us! Have fun making something wonderful!

Julia said...

Now that's a label you can't miss!
I think it's great.
Well done on getting it finished!

I too am about to start a baby quilt for the young girl over the road whose baby boy is due in October, I'm thinking of doing the split nine patch, nice and easy..
Hugs julia

Lurline said...

Turning Twenties are a lot of fun and they all look so different - have fun! 'Bye - Lurline.