Thursday, October 18, 2012

Stars In My Eyes

Only 4 more blocks to go.  I went to Joann's today coupons in hand, but they didn't carry drunkard's path templates, so I ordered some off of Amazon when I got home and decided to skip to the last blocks and wait for the templates.  I did the Dresdens with my home made templates and it worked fine, but I sliced things up pretty badly.  I decided that as much of a pain in the behind as I anticipate the drunkard's path as being, I want to start off with better templates and hopefully I'll like them well enough to make more at some point.  I feel that way about the Dresdens, in fact I picked up the template today.    Meanwhile, this morning I made these blocks and I'm wondering what kind of a finished product I will have, cute or garish.   I was thinking of black sashing and then I remembered my husband's crack about Halloween concerning my Sunrise, Sunset (Orca Bay) and I don't want a repeat of that.  Maybe, I'll look for a large print with hopefully all four of my colors in it, turquoise, green, orange and purple.  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rolling Along on My Craftsy BOM

What can I say, I have a gypsy soul and a hee haw sense of humor.    I'd like to think that I'm catching up with Amanda, but I have a feeling that she's still ahead of me.  

Only 3 more months to go to catch up and to be on schedule to finish with everyone else, August, September and October.  Not too bad since Amanda and I only started on ours mid September.  We really are 'rolling' along.
These weren't nearly as hard as I thought they'd be and I only had my home made Dresden tool.  I liked making these, so I will be visiting Joann's with a coupon and the intention of getting the store bought tool.  We hee haw people can be quite modern.  I wonder if I'll feel the same about the drunkard's paths.  

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Like It Better Now

I started to like it better when I was basting it and by the time I finished quilting it I actually downright liked it.   I think my quilts are kind of like my kids, I know their flaws, but I can't help but like (love in the case of my kids) them.   It's not bright and fancy, but sometimes men like plain better.

The dark brown back coordinates nicely I think, but it sure does pick up everything, and show everything.

The dark back also makes the label and tumbler strip show up better.   It's for a friend of the grandchildrens who just got his honorable discharge from the army this month.   I hope he likes it and isn't a quilt critic who can recognize all it's flaws.   If one of my children, this one may have been the black sheep, lol.
I linked up to Crazy Mom Quilts finish it up Friday.  Go here.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Not My Favorite Flimsy

My flimsy from  Alycia Quilts, Quilt of Valor Mystery Quilt-a-Long has borders now.  I can't say it's a favorite, as it doesn't satisfy my gypsy soul.  My colors are drab and my answer to the empty spaces was embroideries, and one is too dark and one is too light.   The mystery was designed to be followed up by a quilting class, but it looked to be geared for longarms and since I don't have one I thought I'd try this.  It still has to be quilted, which as I've said before even my meandering seems to improve things, so I still have hope.  Evidently the tan fabric should have been all turned the same direction to avoid the shadings, but it doesn't show so much in person.   As the saying goes, done is better than perfect, so I hope to get it done soon. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

More Purple, Green and Orange - January thru June

I don't know if adding blue toned it down any (maybe not) but I'm not as bored with using just 3 colors, lol.  Twelve down, eight more to go. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Table Topper No. 2 Finished

I'm kind of enjoying these small quilts.  This one I think will be good for winter.    
If You've thought brown to be drab go to Scraphappy here and see if you change your mind.

Ant the back, I think you can probably guess.  Same combination of wonky log cabin and Hidden Wells.  I think next will be Valentine's and Easter, but a different combinaiton of patterns.    Meanwhile though, I hope to catch up the June Craftsy BOM tomorrow.  Amanda has already done hers.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Second Hidden Wells Try

I should have been working on my Craftsy BOM today, but I got curious to use another method for the Hidden Wells.  The last one had 7 rows in the stripset and this one has 9 rows.   That and my choice of fabrics has made for a very busy quilt, but with borders and quilting I'm hoping that it will still be an attractive table topper for my living room. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Too Short a Visit

My brothers came for a short visit this weekend.  They got here yesterday about 3 o'clock and left today about 1:00  Very short, but look what they accomplished.  This light wasn't on my list, I thought it would be too time consuming, even though I've probably had the lamp and the kit that was needed for a couple of years now.  My brother said something about did I have enough light that it was dark in that corner and I said yes, it is kind of dark but I have a light for it maybe next time you come and have more time.   Pretty soon, it was spread out on the floor and on the list of jobs.  It makes a world of difference, and hopefully since I'll be able to see better when I'm FMQ'ing, I'll have less crossed seams.  No promises though, lol.

Next, a small job to them but awfully big to me since I couldn't reach and my husbands back wasn't up to trying.  Luckily, the light in my sewing room closet went out just a couple of days ago and now I have light again. 

This job was on the list, I've probably had these shelves for almost a year and wasn't able to get anyone to put them up conveniently.   Now I have shelves for my spices on the inside of the pantry door, it'll be much more convenient and it frees up the small cabinet between the stove and refrigerator for necessary medications. 
I'll spare you a picture of the toilet seat which is now tight and secure in its appointed place.  
Yay for brothers who are so handy and so willing to help.  I am more and more grateful for them and not just because of what they do, but because of who they are.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hidden Wells - Wonky Log Cabin Table Topper

I'm having a time trying to add this note, but if this works and you can read this go to crazy mom quilts here and you'll find a whole list of "finish it up Friday" projects. 
Oops. I lost my post. I'll fix this on my desktop. Guess I need a bit more knowledge about how to do it on the iPod. 
 Success, Good thing it was still in Google Reader.

Pretty fast for me, I started this yesterday and finished today.  Of course, everything is by machine, even the binding so that makes things go more quickly.  This turned out about 35 by 35 inches and I hurried to finish it because my brothers are coming for the weekend and I was hoping to decorate a little.  This will hopefully be just the thing.

 After Thanksgiving, or the first of December, depending on my level of energy, I'll flip it over to this side, this is a wonky log cabin from the Craftsy Block of the Month class.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Not Purple, Green and Orange

 Hey, it's not a masterpiece, but at least it's not purple, green and orange.   I joined the yahoo group for Hiddenwells and one of the ladies was kind enough to suggest making just 2 stripsets to make a baby quilt (or in my case table topper) and to try out the pattern.  I thought it sounded like a good idea and I need a Halloween topper, as I gave mine away.  I like to make them reversible, so I may do a wonky log cabin out of Christmas fabrics for the back.   A twofer, and if it's wonky it won't have to be straight. 
PS  After I took the picture I noticed that the blocks on the top right weren't turned correctly, so I fixed them.