Saturday, April 28, 2018

Slow Week

Not too much to show this week, this was my only finish.  It's my larger version of SewCanShe's cell phone wallet with benefits.  Due to my larger phone, iphone 7 plus, I had to increase the measurements on the wallet, I kind of overdid it, but I didn't mind. 
Also, I'll be sharing again on her Show Off Saturday.
The reason I didn't mind it ending up a little over big, is it gives me room for my reading glasses, which I need to read my cell phone.
The frontal view.
The larger size also allowed me to carry 4 cards, vertically, not horizontally.  I based mine on 8 x 6 1/2 instead of the original size.
A few years ago I made this quilt, which I loved, but I gave it to some friend's who visited intending to replace it for myself.  
This week, I dug it out and worked on it some more.  I had about 120 done, and now I have 200.  It will take about 380, which will turn into 95 blocks when the segments are sewn 4 together into blocks.  This quilt is from a tutorial on MaDan's Quilting.  She calls it 5" charm scrappy, I call it scrappy lattice.  


Frédérique said...

That's a nice wallet, handy and perfect for your stuff! Beautiful quilt too, I guess for friend was very happy to received it

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