Saturday, April 7, 2018

In Progress

We didn't get our dog until she was 4 years old, but my niece found a picture and shared it.  Isn't she the cutest little thing ever.
Completely adorable.
My non-sewing friend with the 4 tubs of fabric came to pick up the gifts I had made her, and brought some of the fabric.  Here it is, washed, folded, and in some cases ironed.
My grandson has bought his ticket, so he's definitely going to visit my son and his family in Mexico the first part of May.  I'm going to try to make some things for him to take after all.  This is a medium sized bag for my granddaughter.  

I like the lining.  
My husband has been sick, and now, I've got it too, but not as severely.  I rarely have gotten colds, so I won't complain.  My granddaughter-in-law and one of my grandson's got this bouquet for us, it's simple, but lovely.
These are also going to Mexico.  3 each isn't excessive is it?  

I'm making them notebook covers, this is my granddaughters cut and prepped. 
And my daughter-in-law's bag cut out and mostly prepped.  I could finish my granddaughter's, because I had the zipper, but I have to wait for an order from ZipperIsland  for this one.
Lastly, my daughter-in-law's notebook cover cut out and prepped.  I have a couple other things to make, pencil rolls, pouches.  And now to share over at SewCanShe's Show Off Saturday.