Friday, April 20, 2018

Junk Rat, From Computer Game

My first time doing pictures from the freezer paper in the printer.  Not as vibrant as I would have hoped, but not too bad.  I hope they wash ok, I guess time will tell.
I actually have a small quilt to share this week, I made it from the freezer paper pictures.  It's about 38 x 58 and made mostly with scraps.  Junk Rat, Overwatch, not my favorite.  He made a special request several months ago, kind of whispered, since his mother was there.  I asked her to ask him if he remembered.......
Maddox, do you remember what you asked Grammy to make you?
A Overwatch quilt.
Did you want all the characters or a certain one?
Junk Rat.
Little Stinker!!
The Marvel super heroes for the back.
More things for the great grands.  Pillows for the little ones and pouches for the bigger ones.
This is for a little boy that my granddaughter-in-law babysits.  All the kids got one, except the babies who got little pillows.  They are soft and squishy, as I used leftover fleece instead of batting or interfacing.
My daughter went to visit the Georgia relatives and took one of her Florida
Granddaughters with her.  She got fun things to do on the drive up and was very good.
  They are visiting and also delivering the gifts that I made.
Our dog is staying with my niece until my husband is stronger and not as apt to be knocked over.  She sort of went home, as my niece had her for her first 4 years.  We met my brother halfway and he brought her so that we could spend some time.  It was so good of him.
I don't always sleep well, and since my husband got up to watch his Red Sox, I decided to make a pouch for my daughter-in-law in Mexico, about 2:00am last night.  I ordered her a yellow kindle fire and  thought it'd be nice to have a pouch to protect it and carry it in.  I measured my kindle and  added about  1.5 to 2 inches extra.  I used the foam interfacing,  When I finished I took my kindle out of it's case and tried to put it in the yellow pouch.  Oops, too small.  I decided I'd make another and added about another 2 inches to be sure, too big.  I added a couple of snaps to keep the fire down and since I was out of the foam used 2 layers of cotton batting.  Then, I realized that I had ordered her kindle fire an inch smaller than mine, so the small one might fit after all.  Have to wait until Sunday when it's delivered to find out .  I finished the two pouches about 6am.
Of course, going to share this with Sewcanshe's Show off Saturday.


Teresa said...

Lots of great stuff on your post today. The quilt looks great and I know it was a hit. I have tried the photo transfers, both using the freezer paper and transfer fabric I have bought...have never been real happy with it.

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