Friday, April 13, 2018

Off to Mexico - My Stuff, not Me

Back to journal notebook covers, these are going to Mexico.  This is for my daughter-in-law.
The computer or blogger are going a bit crazy, so this is the inside - upside down.  I can't find the right side up picture.
My granddaughters, right side up.
My granddaughters, upside down.
I made them a couple of pouches, very squishy as I used fleece instead of batting.
The zippers came, so i finished my daughter-in-law's big bag.
my daughter-in-law's bag from the top.
A shot of their 'stuff', I also made pencil rolls, eyeglass cases, and a card wallet for my daughter-in-law.  My granddaughter will get a couple of my bone china cup and saucers.
Dollar store hand towels that I fancied up a little.  I got them mostly to use as packing protection for the cups and saucers.
A crayon tote for my going to be 4 year old great granddaughters birthday.  One side has 3/4 inch slots and the other side 1 inch slots.  Hopefully, one side for regular crayons and the other for the chunky ones.
The other side of the crayon tote.
I also made her a tote bag to go back and forth to day care.  It has a zipper top, and lots of pockets, like the ones I make as handbags for adults do.
Both the same size, I started out with 12 1/2 by 12 1/2 inch squares.
I also made some little, just because, pouches for 4 other great grandchildren.  I plan on putting some little treats in them.  Tomorrow is Show off Saturday day on SewCanShe's blog, I'll be sharing again.


Marie said...

Love all the neat bags, I think of doing them but I always make a mess out of zippers. Great to see you busy. Hope we can meet up this year. hugs, Marie

Chookyblue...... said...

great bags and goodies all made up........