Thursday, November 29, 2012

One Down Two To Go

It's blue like a river and shiny in spots like sunshine, I think it has the right name, and it's done, almost done.  Some ladies say it isn't done, done until it has a label and it doesn't have one of those yet. 

Pieced flannel back.  I had to use what I had, so there is some orange and purple in there, too.

While I was quilting the blue one, I kept thinking I liked it best, but now, here it is with its sister and  I'm back to wishy-washy.  I'm planning to give one away as a Christmas gift and I want to keep my favorite, what to do, what to do. 


Amanda said...

What a great quilt. I prefer the blue one, but then I prefer bright colours generally. Which one will you choose?

Scrapatches said...

Love it! ... :) Pat

Joanne Lavallee said...

The Cotton Boll quilt is on my short list, of course the list has a bizzillion quilts on it. Yours are fantastic, I am so glad I spotted your blog link in a Quiltville post. Thanks for sharing!