Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ipad Bag from Craftsy Pattern

My daughter and I were going to make these together, but she keeps having things come up so I decided to do mine and then help her with hers.  More Ikea fabric, my embroidery isn't showing up so well, but I guess that's ok.  If I am out it probably isn't the best to advertise that there's an ipad in there.  I meant to add pockets but got following directions and then it was too late.  I do have the one big pocket on the front, and it is huge.   It is very cushy too as there is a layer of batting. 
The inside is all fully lined, as is the pocket and as you can see it's very roomy.  Room for papers etc, if necessary.  All in all, it's a success.


Cyn said...

Lovely case. Looks amazing.

Amanda said...

It looks great and very useful. I hadn't explored Craftsy patterns before but perhaps I should

Pat said...

A clever bag! - Those iPads are so popular - it is on my wish list!
Thank you so much for stopping by the Beyond the Cherry Tree blog and I so appreciate your kind comment about my quilt. Making it has been quite a journey and as slow as my hand quilting is...the end is a long way off!

Have a lovely, creative week.