Sunday, July 17, 2011

More Bow Ties and Shopping

Sixteen more bow tie blocks done.  That's 52 out of 140.  Not too shabby of a beginning for a perpetual holder upper of the slowest. 

I kitted up the blocks into 8 batches each, enough for 140 for me and 140 for Ruth, my quilting buddy.  She pitched in some scraps too, but she doesn't have nearly as many as she is fairly new to quilting.  She has 3 quilts under her belt now.  These were all from scraps, and I 'think' that all the bow tie fabrics are different.  The lighter background fabrics are scrappy, but there are a lot of repeats.   I was more than happy to share, as I need to get the scraps down.  I can hardly notice a difference, except that the trash cans have lots of tiny scraps, and I have these bags to show for it. 

Some fabrics from the shop hop that Ruth and I went to Friday, instead of sewing, which we had intended.   The top 4 are for pillowcases for my nieces little ones, each will have the top fabric, and the next 3 will be for the cuffs which will be different, and have names if I get myself busy.   The bottom 2 are for a pillowcase for her oldest girl, and she has another girl who I will pick fabrics for soon.   Their mama, my niece is expecting number eight next month and I need to do a baby quilt for their new baby boy, and I thought I'd send each of the others a pillowcase.

More shop hop fabrics.  The 3 on the left are just because I don't have many oranges or reds, and the light lavender for backgrounds.  The middle two, more pillowcase material for my nieces youngest son, until next month, lol.  The right top just because I liked it, and the bottom right is a panel that I thought would be good for a quick baby quilt some time.

These I got last week when we made a dry run for the heart cath that DH didn't end up having.  The blue is for a pillowcase for my nieces oldest boy, and the green for when I need more scrappy greens.  The purple, just because I really loved it.   It seems like a lot of fabric, but it was all half price and will be largely gone in pillowcases soon.   We went to several doctor appointments this past week, and DH is having another blood test Tuesday.  If his levels are down to his normal levels (his are always elevated) then he has his heart cath the following Monday.   Then, it looks like for sure one heart surgery and maybe two, but the doctor was very reassuring, and it seems like the right thing to do.   Hope you are having a good weekend.


Susan said...

You are so kind to kit some blocks for a friend..... That will make the quilt extra special for her.

Loved your fabric choices.... Glad you enjoyed your shopping adventure.

I will be praying for you and DH that his levels are low enough on Tuesday so that his heart cath can be done.

Michele said...

I love all of your fabrics Candace! Glad things sound positive for your DH :-)

Anita said...


Good work on the bow tie blocks. I'm trying very hard not to be tempted I have enough to get finished. Hope everything goes well for dh so it is the least invasive thing possible.

quiltmom anna said...

Nice fabrics Candace- It is so nice that you have a good friend to sew wit. What a nice thing for you to do to make some fabric bags to share.
I hope all goes well with your husband's surgery. It sounds like you have wonderful doctors to help you on this journey.
Sending you warm thoughts and best wishes,
Warmest regards,

Ellen said...

Wonderful bowtie blocks and wonderful that you can share with a friend. You have got a great selection of fabrics to use - just think of all the scraps that you will have left over from the pillowcases!