Saturday, July 30, 2011

Even More Blocks

My daughter and her husband caught strep throat from his daughter, so my brothers decided to wait until Monday and not possibly get it, too.  So, did I take advantage and get the house looking its best, no I made more blocks.  I have 24 out of 35 of these now.  I also realized that one of these equals 4 of the bow ties and at some point I may have to see what kind of chaos results from mixing them.   I also have enough paintbox blocks for a quilt, and they would also equal into the same size.  I probably won't mix them, but I have to look and see what it would look like.

I think I must be brain tired as the last row seems to have had a mind of its own. 


regan said...

I'll bet your house looks fine....OF COURSE you should be making more blocks! lol

And they are all looking great! Yay!

Hope everyone recovers soon....strep is so nasty.

Perry said...

lol, I know about the brain tired, been there, done that. It's called rip pit when I do it, but I think all you need to do is turn them, right? I am sure your house is very done. I do like all of your nine patches too.

Erin said...

Strep throat is so painful! Hope it leaves quickly!
Love the quilt! Gorgeous!!!

Kay said...

These are gorgeous blocks. I haven't had strep throat in a very long time... darn, I shouldn't have said that. Your blog looks so colorful and gorgeous! How perfect for your quilting!