Friday, July 8, 2011

July Finish On My Son's Birthday

I finished my RRCB last night and I'm on the whole pleased with it.  My MM (mediocre meandering) is in full force as usual, but the looks of it will improve when it's washed and crinkly.  There are a myriad of sins, but I am happy just the same.  My MIL always said that curls hid a myriad of sins, and I feel the same about washing, lol. 

Just another view.  It would have been better to wait for better light, but we may go shopping with my DGS and his fiance later today.

The back is just a very nice sheet on sale at Lands End, but I did a few more of the "dreaded" string blocks in the fabrics from the quilt and fancied it up a little.  Actually, this last batch wasn't so bad, so I'm starting not to dread them, lol.  I didn't want to make the back too fancy, as one of my pet peeves is when people like the back better than the front.  I do think that this one will live here with me though.

The label, of course.   I now have a paintbox to do, another RRCB to do, and the second half of Amy's BOM from 2010, not to mention quilting my over humongous Iowa (Carolina) Christmas.   It would be logical to get right on one of them, but I have two new projects luring me out of my chosen virtuous path.   Crazy Mom Quilt's 36 block quiltalong, and one that's already started, Summer Bow Tie Quilts quiltalong from Facebook.  I don't have a link to the blog right now, but if anyone's interested I'll do my best to find it.  

P.S.   The blog for the Summer Bow Tie quilt is:


Angie said...

It's simply stunning! I love all the colors, and your quilting is perfect for this type of quilt. Awesome!

Ellen said... looks gorgeous and your quilting looks just perfect to me!

Kay said...

I love how you label your quilts. It makes it even more important and perfect for an heirloom.

Chookyblue...... said...

lovely and fantastic that it is finished...............

Jan Maree said...

Thisis such a gorgeous quilt - all those tiny little pieces - perfection if you ask me!

Andee said...

The back is beautiful, but not nearly as fabulous as the front! This quilt is just a stunner! Very impressed you can part with it, lol!

Amanda said...

This looks lovely, you must be feeling so pleased to have it finished and ready for use.

The Cozy Quilter said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Your RRCB is lovely-I see you used scrappy reds...I think I will be doing the same thing. I would love to see some close ups of the fabrics you used in your string blocks.

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